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Location: North Weyr
Time: Wee hours of Day 23, Month 13, Turn 3
Players: Roa, Ashwin, Jashin
Scene: A couple start to adjust to having one more around the weyr.

It's the middle of the night, a pair of days after Jashin arrived, and snow blankets the Reaches and continues to fall in the blue-black darkness. Roa has spent the last pair of days sleeping, walking a bit, looking after Jay, and sleeping some more. Just now, she's doing yet more of that final option, breathing slow and deep as she rests. The baby has, overall, been atypically quiet for a newborn, but every-so-often, even watchful and pensive infants have needs that must be pointed out. So, in the small hours of the night, Jay tests out his voice, a sudden and unhappy wail rising from the little bundle settled in the center of the bed.

Ashwin's awake in a moment, and reaches instinctively to curl a hand around his son's torso, rubbing his stomach before his eyes are open. That happens an instant later, and with a soft shushing sound, he slides a hand in underneath the baby, rolling over so he's cradling him against his shoulder, then lifting him with him as he slowly rolls out of bed. "She's sleeping," he breathes, softer than a whisper, turning away from his sleeping mate.

She was, but it doesn't take much, or rather it doesn't take much of certain sounds, to wake her. Roa sucks in a deep breath as her eyes snap open and, grimacing at how it makes her abdomen feel, she pushes up onto one elbow. Jay is a bit less obliging than he has been, just at the moment, or he simply doesn't take his father's words to heart. He quiets briefly as he's lifted and held close, but it's only a few beats before he decides what whatever it is he needs, this isn't quite it, and he tries another piteous sob.

"Sshhhh," Ashwin murmurs, wincing as he finds the edge of the rug by the bed, and bare feet find stone. "Middle of the night, Jay, folks're sleeping." He jogs the baby gently up and down, turning to move back towards the bed, and freeing up one hand to lift the cover off a glow an inch. By that faint light, he registers that Roa's propped herself up, and he eases down to sit on the edge of the bed, keeping Jay in against his chest. "We have no idea what we're doing, do we?" A rueful murmur, between wails.

"So we're being informed," Roa says with a yawn of her own, blinking owlishly as she shifts to a sit and tugs her pillows upright to act as a prop. Her other hand moves to begin to unbutton the collar of the button-down sleep shirts she's taken to wearing. "Let's start with the most likely solution and work backwards." Jay quiets briefly as both his most familiar voices become audible, but he resumes quickly, legs kicking out as he becomes more enthusiastic with his complaints.

"I know, I know, you're getting your mother," Ashwin murmurs, unphased by his son's new enthusiasm. He reaches across to adjust the pillows behind Roa, and scoops Jay away from his chest so he can transfer him across. "See if this sorts you out."

Shirt pushed away as much as is needed, Roa holds her arms out for her son and settles him with one arm, the other helping guide one possible solution up to his mouth. The wailing ends abruptly and Roa winces faintly as Jay's energy diverts from crying to eating. "Okay, I think we figured it out," she muses, glancing up and over at Ashwin. "Mother, nothing. I'm a buffet with legs."

"I know they shut me right up," Ashwin offers, climbing back into bed, and rolling onto his side to look up to her face by the faint light from the glow. "He's appreciative, is all."

She smirks, shaking her head. "They were a bit smaller when you nibbled on them," she notes, tucking a wisp of hair behind her ear. "Atrocious table manners," Roa informs Jay who seems, for this rare moment, uninterested in paying attention to anything but his current task. "Horrible before-dinner conversation."

"Worth admiring then, worth admiring now," Ashwin informs her with a muffled yawn, blinking sleepily up at her with both hands tucked in underneath his head. "Listen to your mother," he continues to Jay, through another yawn. "She'll take them away if you disagree with her. Trust me."

There is a faint sound of protest from the owner of the glands in question. "When have I ever...just that once, and you completely deserved it." Jashin snuffles as he begins to slow and Roa pauses in her self-defense to ease a finger into the corner of his mouth, break the latch there and shift him over to the other side.

"Good work, son, cover as much ground as possible," Ashwin murmurs, unrepentant. There's a crinkling at the corners of his eyes that substitutes for a sleepy smile.

"There's something distinctly twisted in that advice, Ash. I hope you're aware of that," Roa responds a touch sullenly. Or as sullenly as she can pretend to be in the middle of the night with a baby attached to her.

Ashwin considers that in silence, twisting his mouth thoughtfully. "Grew up in a pretty unhealthy environment," he supplies, after a time. "Don't want to know what my first word was. Or my first sentence. Not my fault, if'm twisted up."

"Don't go blaming that perfectly nice bar for your own messy thoughts," Roa argues around a small smile. "Speaking of which, think any of them are going to come see him?"

"Blame you, then," Ashwin replies, nestling further down into the pillows. "Make it hard to think straight." A yawn. "My Ma'll come if you send her a dragon, won't otherwise. Others'll wait on us coming, I reckon."

Jay sighs, this time letting go himself to sag against Roa's arms. Hunger sated, what else is there to do but sleep? "Wait, no you don't," she murmurs to the baby, taking a moment to tuck herself back into her shirt before lifting him up to rest against her shoulder, one hand patting his back very gently. "Should we send a dragon, then?" she asks Ashwin. "Tell him to expect one passenger, or two, you want Seyra to meet him. Three, you want to time it with one of Wrendall's shore leaves."

Ashwin considers her question, chewing on the inside of his cheek. "Send one now, maybe tell the watchrider you'd be obliged, once Wrendall's back. Rank must have some privilege." One hand emerges from under the covers, so his fingers can brush her ribs.

The weyrwoman nods, even as she yawns and then groans as she finds yawning hurts too. "Bother," she sighs softly. She turns her head to glance over at the gold dragon sleeping uninterrupted and shakes her head. "Ah, well." Jay 'urps' which diverts Roa's attention from her own thoughts. "Maybe that'll hold you until the sun's up again, hmm?" But Jashin's already sleeping.

"Don't think I appreciated being a baby when I was one," Ashwin observes, rolling onto his back, and reaching out so one hand hovers over the lid of the glow, ready to close it once she's settled again.

"Don't think anybody does." She settles Jay back in his little nest between the two of them before clenching her jaw and inching herself downward again. When she's lying flat and peering up at the ceiling, Roa finishes closing up her buttons.

"Won't be long until you're knitting back together," Ashwin murmurs quietly, pushing the lid closed, so the room is dark once more. "Doesn't seem fair, you doing all the hurting," he continues, quiet in the black.

There's a bit of shuffling in the dark as Roa eases onto her side. "Won't be long," she agrees gently, one hand reaching out to rest on Ashwin's shoulder. "Worth it," she adds in a whisper.

"Never again," he replies, reaching up with his hand to cover hers, then easing it away so he can curl it to a fist, and butt his knuckles up against Jay's side. "Sleep. He'll have us awake again soon enough."

"Shhh," Roa murmurs, "We can talk about that in a while." Her fingers squeeze around his as she sighs softly. "Love you, Ash."

"Talk as long as you like," he replies, sleepy. "Hold your nose and pour the fucking stuff down your throat each day if I have to." Another yawn overtakes him, as he nestles down, and makes himself comfortable. "And you back. Both of you."

"Not saying we should try for another one. Just saying..." but the weyrwoman doesn't say anything. She only breathes out softly, that breath gradually deepening into something that suggests slumber.

His breath takes longer to deepen, though the Captain doesn't move an inch, lest he disturb mate or son. Eventually, Ashwin lets himself drift as well. Not many hours until dawn, and his private training rituals will have him slipping away.




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