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New Things

Location: North Weyr
Time: Evening on Day 21, Month 12, Turn 3
Players: Roa and Ashwin
Scene: The day after this scene, new furniture arrives and Ashwin helps to move it. Names get discussed again. In a historic moment, Roa loses a debate.

The furniture arrived about a half hour ago, though it sits clumped together in the middle-back of the weyr. Tialith is sleeping out on her ledge, never mind the snow banks. The gold has one eye cracked open to watch the bowl beneath her, while the other one is closed as if in some extended wink. Inside, the little weyrwoman moves slowly from item to item, just sort of staring at each one. Occasionally, her hand will curl around a rung of the crib or nudge the rocking chair into rocking forward and back.

There's time for warning, for Ashwin can be seen crossing the bowl in the snow. He disappears into the lower caverns, and a couple of minutes after that, the door opens. He has a quiet smile for her as he pushes it shut behind him, and hauls his jacket off, standing in the doorway. "Look at that," he murmurs, by way of greeting.

Perhaps Roa was warned, because she's already watching the door when the captain enters, a small, warm smile her greeting for him. "Sort of looks like there's going to be a baby in here, now," she notes. "Day going all right, so far?"

"Going very well," he replies, reaching behind him to hang up his jacket. "Got half a dozen boys lined up in front of me, found tossing snowballs into the beast pens to make 'em run around. Had to look very stern." His eyes are gleaming, though, quiet amusement hiding there. He crosses over to her, hands resting on her shoulders so he can lean down to kiss her.

"It's no worse than the dragons do, though I don't imagine you mentioned that." She pushes up on her toes, curling her fingers around his arms, to meet the kiss. One more is settled against his jaw before Roa lowers back to her heels. "Feel up to hefting some things around?"

"Dragons are entitled," Ashwin replies, turning his head a fraction to accommodate her second kiss. He drops to a crouch then in an easy movement, running his hands down her arms as he halts, and kisses the curve of her belly. "Where would you like your things?" He speaks the words against her, then turns his head to press his cheek there, in anticipation of a kick he might feel.

It's more knees and elbows these days, as it's too cramped in Roa's midsection for a full kick anymore. But there is, certainly, a twitch and a jab of somesort near Ashwin's cheek at his words. Roa rolls her eyes slightly. "He says I can pick. For now."

"Listening to his mother," Ashwin murmurs, rising slowly once more to his feet. "Enjoy it, told it doesn't last so long." One hand comes up to rub across his mouth, as though hiding a larger smile, and he turns away to study the furniture. "Where do you want it?"

Glancing down at her expanded middle, Roa shakes her head slowly. "Not long at all. I think it mostly ends when they start breathing." Her hands clasp behind her back. "Okay, bassinet over by the bed. At least for now. Changing table up against the wall past the bookshelves. Crib in that empty spot over there," the weyrwoman gestures towards said spot. "The rocking chair...um...not sure yet."

"Yes ma'am," Ashwin replies, one hand coming up for a salute. The bassinet he lifts first, peering inside it as he hefts it over to her side of the bed, setting it down and giving it a wobble to check for stability. "We'll see where there's room when we're done," he continues, turning back to walk across to the changing table. "Thought about names?"

She watches as the furniture begins to get settled, though there's another small smirk for the salute. Names. Roa peers up towards the ceiling. "Rowin's not too bad, though I'm not sure if it'd be better for a boy or for a girl. Arin. Arolin. Rina..."

"Jorin," Ashwin murmurs, lifting the changing table, and carrying it across as directed. "Jarin, Jina, Jamia."

"Fuck." Roa closes her eyes and then backs up to sink into the rocking chair. "Can't we name her after yours instead? Next one we can do my side."

"No next one," Ashwin corrects her, setting down the table, and stepping back to look at it. "This is the first and only time."

"Hadn't exactly planned on this time at all. Things happen. Might be a next one. Rolin? Rollin?" Roa curls her fingers around one of the chair's arms.

"No next one," Ashwin replies, turning back, and pacing over to look down into the crib, studying the empty space inside. "Jora."

"Wrelin," is the weyrwoman's counter-offer. "Could be."

"There is, we'll fix it so there's not." Simple as that, and nonnegotiable, Ashwin's voice says. "Could talk about more cheerful things, while we set up these things for our child."

She blinks slowly, studying her weyrmate in silence as he speaks. "Probably, we should get some toys," Roa says finally, softly.

"What sort of toys do they need, when they're little? Something to hang over the crib?" He lifts it, and deposits it as directed, reaching inside to twitch mattress straight. "Jarwin."

Roa winkles her nose. "Sounds like a cranky old man. With back problems. Something to hang over the crib. Bright colors, things to stare at, mostly." She cants her head to the side, "Alina?" And then, studying the floor she adds, "He doesn't even know. I think I'm glad."

"I'll find something with bright colours," Ashwin volunteers quiet, not entirely sure of his reception, to judge by his tone. He looks back across his shoulder, pale eyes lifting to rest on her face. "Jalina," he corrects her. "He should know. I'll write. Get it in there quietly."

"No he shouldn't. You don't have to. Why...what about one of the girls? We could name him for them." The weyrwoman's flailing a bit now, still staring at the floor.

Her Captain doesn't respond to that. Instead, he stands, hands still resting on the edge of the cot, looking at her over his shoulder with a pale, unwavering gaze.

Eventually, slowly, she peers back. "Why -him-?"

Ashwin is quiet for a few moments longer, before he turns back, shifts the crib a couple of inches, before he turns to face her. "Talked to him a lot, when I was there."

Chewing slowly on her bottom lip, Roa speaks carefully. "I understand that, but surely there are other ways you could...I don't know. Wrendall's trying pretty damn hard. Why not for him?"

He walks across, and around behind her chair, folding his arms along the back of it. "Wrendall'll get to hold him, help raise him, teach him things."

With a small nod, Roa agrees. "Yes. My point exactly."

He leans a little harder, rocking her chair back slowly, so he can look down to her. "You told me it would be wrong to keep him out of it."

She frowns as she peers up at Ashwin, slightly upside down as he seems to be from this angle. "I did?"

He continues gazing down, expression resting in an easy neutrality. "Pushed me to spend the time with him, get to know him. And I did, and now he's in, and he'll hold Jalin, and help teach him to walk, and show him about fishing."

"Oh," Roa blinks. "You mean... oh. Well, yes. And he should. Wralin sounds all right to me. Look, he -can't- hold him or teach him or take him anywhere. He probably never will." Her eyes close slowly. "This is a big thing for you, isn't it."

"Probably never will, but he'd like to." Ashwin lets the the chair rock gently forward, and then eases it backwards again. "This is a big thing. Going to write to him, tell him, soon as we know."

She laughs softly, though it's a mirthless sound. "Yeh. Guess he would like to," she says glumly. "Okay."

"I'll do it quietly," he replies, letting the chair rock forward once more, slowly and gently.

"You do everything quietly," Roa teases peering back up at him as the chair tilts forward. "Well," she amends after a moment, "most things."

"Surreptitiously, if you like," he replies, leaning down to kiss the top of her head. "You can choose the name." These words, into her hair. "You'll choose a good one. And you'll be doing the hard work."

"Oh sure, I can choose the name. So long as it's got the right letters in it," she grouses, her hand reaching up to slip through his pale tresses. "What'll you be doing, while I'm doing the hard work?"

"So long as that," he replies, with a hint of a smile, kissing the top of her head again. "Traditional for me to pace outside, I believe."

"Well, you are a traditional sort," Roa murmurs. She runs her fingers through his hair a second time before adding, more gently, "It'll be fine."

He breathes out slowly, turning his head to follow her touch. "Believe that when I have the two of you there, one in each arm, and the healer tells me so."

"That'll be soon enough," the weyrwoman murmurs. "You know, I sort of like the rocking chair right where it is."

"With you in it," Ashwin agrees. "Get him a hanging thing with little knives in different colours on it, he can learn from his father," he murmurs into her hair.

"I think we should wait until he can safely hold one, before we bring knives into the picture," Roa whispers, tipping up her head to kiss her weyrmate softly. "Drowning, knives, named for a criminal. Quite a life you have planned for this little person."

He lowers his head to kiss her back, taking his time over it, his knuckles brushing along her cheek. "Hope it's long and healthy and uneventful," he replies with a faint smile. "We've done enough for the family."




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