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The Caucus Ball

Location: Living Cavern
Time: Evening on Day 12, Month 12, Turn 3
Players: Coren (NPC), Ellaia, G'mal (NPC), Issa, Miniyal, Reyce, Roa, R'vain (NPCed by Roa), Tallara (NPC), Vanya, V'sen (NPC)
Scene: Oh sure, a party is all well and good, until somebody loses a wing of dragons.

I took the tourCollapse )

At Fault

Location: Weyrleaders' Office
Time: Late Morning on Day 12, Month 12, Turn 3
Players: R'vain and Roa
Scene: The weyrwoman would like to throw herself a one-woman pity party, but R'vain crashes it with a backrub. R'en and Miniyal get discussed at length. Issa gets a mention, Ashwin gets several, and the Headmaster gets both attacked and defended.

Just a rough spotCollapse )


Chopping Wood

Location: Aramia's Bar in Tillek
Time: Afternoon on Day 9, Month 12, Turn 3
Players: Seyra, Fenten, Ashwin
Scene: Ashwin comes home for a bit of advice. He gets answers, though not very heartening ones.

Can't fix it, you're sayingCollapse )

Caucus Cavortion Commences

Location: Living Cavern
Time: Late Afternoon on Day 2, Month 12, Turn 3
Players: Coren (NPC), Issa, Kazimir (NPC), Lexine (NPC), Miniyal, Reyce, Roa, R'vain
Scene: A small gathering to welcome a few dignitaries concludes without anybody getting hurt. Physically. The jury is still out on the mental scarring.

he's far less pompous than the last one

Thank you to Miniyal for the log link

Her Favors

Location: Kitchen
Time: Wee hours on Day 24, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Roa and R'en
Scene: Late night finds two dragonriders in the kitchen. There's a lot of talking. Not too much listening,

Sometimes people you care about get to do dangerous things, tooCollapse )


Men Who Keep Promises And Other Concerns

Location: North Weyr
Time: Late evening on Day 12, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Roa and Issa
Scene: Issa drops by for a visit. They discuss various topics including dead ex-weyrleaders, mysterious packages and who sent them, unhappy bronzeriding weyrlings, and the men responsible for the bumps.

we would have heard a scream and a splat from your weyr ledge long before nowCollapse )


Successful Communication

Location: North Weyr
Time: After Lunch on Day 10, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Roa and Miniyal
Scene: Miniyal get a talkin' to. It's just like old times. Old, dysfunctional times.

If I could crawl into a dark hole and die to make it easier for you I wouldCollapse )


Unforseen Circumstances

Location: Weyrleaders’ Weyr
Time: Before Lunch on Day 10, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Roa and H’kon
Scene: H’kon has another couple questions for the weyrwoman and a warning about a certain impulsive, bronzeriding weyrling.

Only there has been suggestion of alternate actions, by those who are still within the weyrCollapse )


What Will Change

Location: North Weyr
Time: Evening on Day 9, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Roa and R'en
Scene: R'en takes what he's learned and brings it to Roa. Things go well if by 'well' one means 'very very badly'.

If you had asked to go, it would have been personal and it would have been for keepsCollapse )


What A Thing To Say

Location: Living Cavern and North Weyr
Time: After Dinner on Day 6, Month 11, Turn 3
Players: Miniyal, Roa, Ashwin, Sefton, Reyce, Issa, R'vain
Scene: Miniyal spills the beans.

He poisoned her

Thanks to Miniyal for the log link!



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